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Reach for the Future, Now

Laying the Groundwork for Your Business’ Success

Managing a business or an organization can be overwhelming. When you wear too many hats, you may put yourself and your enterprise at risk for profit loss and failure. At 3M GLOBAL, LLC, we help you take the challenge in stride and effectively achieve your goals through our top-notch management consulting services.

We focus on the areas of executive coaching, economic & community development consulting, diversity inclusion as well as finance placement and strategic planning. Our goal is to help public, private, and non profit sector entities as well as municipalities reach their future, now.

About Us

3M GLOBAL, LLC, a company based in the Capital Region area of Louisiana, was established in 2013. As we have nearly 19 years of consulting experience under our belt, we are able to understand the various needs of our clients. We adhere to the high standards we set for every client.

Mel Robertson, BAEC mM, CEO and Founder

Mel Robertson is a business management expert and a real doer; he makes sure that the job gets done as envisioned. Apart from being detail-oriented and a good listener, he works with utmost integrity and commits himself to the product of every business he works with. The success of his clients is a fulfillment he shares with them.

Mel received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business with a concentration in Economics and a minor in Business Management from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Mel has a diversified background with nearly 19 years combined in leadership, business and community development, consulting, economic development, program management, banking, lending, deal structure, CRE, people and market development, process improvement, system support, business planning, financing, sales process, brand ambassador, strategic planning, operational and organizational strategy, and sales management.

He has a proven track record in delivering results through communication, strategy, motivation, team-building, and successful program implementation.

He is a high-performing business leader with significant experience leading economic initiatives that include community & economic development, executive coaching as well as organization & operational management. Improvement focuses on igniting growth by identifying innovative opportunities (organic and inorganic), building consensus among executive decision-makers, and leading teams to deliver desired results.

End-to-end experience includes portfolio strategy, financial analysis, and due diligence. Mel Robertson possesses a keen ability to solve business and community economic development problems by leveraging strategic and financial expertise. He holds a strong track record of leadership and distinction in top professional and community institutions.

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Send Us Your Feedback


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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is vibrant. We dive deep to unravel insight and have the fortitude to act. We bring the right people together to challenge recognized thinking and propel transformation. We work alongside our clients to build a capacity that enables companies and consumers to achieve a feasible and progressive advantage. We are affecting the future together as a team.

Our vision is to be a leader in the consulting world and community that transforms culture, encourages adaptability for consumer, commercial, non profit, public and private sector industries as well as municipalities. Bringing transitional change through economic, social, and community development practices. 


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